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Tracey prefers to use her personal hair line for services. I invite you to purchase from the online store at If you choose to use any other brand of hair, please specify this when you make your installation appointment. Requests for longer lengths not available in the online store may be made via email at Color services will be added to the price of your installation service and must be paid for in advance of your appointment. This will be done via paypal.

Please purchase your hair in the online store at least 1 week prior to your appointment. Your hair will be ready for you upon your arrival for your installation appointment. If you desire color, you must purchase your hair at least 2 weeks in advance of your scheduled appointment date. Please review the terms and conditions page on for details. No hair will be sold at the salon.






Pure Virgin Indian Remy Hair Imported Directly from India



Hair Candy Salon is proud to present affordable luxury hair. This hair is being used in upscale hair salons around the country and is now the featured hair for Hair Candy Salon. This hair has been catering to celebrity and high-end clientele and women from all walks of life who are serious about the quality of their hair additions. Unlike typical hair extensions you’ll find in local beauty supply stores, Virgin Remy hair extensions do not have typical coating substances that give you instant gratification without lasting results. The result of this hair is natural and healthy looking human hair that blends in beautifully with your own hair. Never a doll shine!


Blends in with relaxed or natural hair gorgeously.
Hair can be colored easily (consult professional stylist).
You can wear it natural, wavy, or simply flat iron the hair to create sleek looking straight hair.


Hair consistently maintains the vibrant-healthy glow and natural texture over a long period of time.
Re-usable up to 6 months to 1 year (with proper care).

Tangle Free and Matting Free

Machine Wefts can be cut with minimal shedding.

Save time in your search for quality virgin hair.
We have done the research.


Q: What is the difference between your hair and all of the other brands available for less?
A: The short answer is quality and longevity. Our virgin hair is the highest quality, 100% pure virgin Indian Remy hair. It is not processed (steam permed or chemically treated) in any way unless specified by item.
Q: Can you explain what you mean by quality and longevity?

Quality simply means that when hair is sourced “collected” it is done so based on the health and origin of the hair donor. Our extensive research has allowed us to select vendors that purchase only the top graded hair from the Indian temples. This hair is more expensive than the hair that is collected that will be used for the purpose of altering the natural textures of the donated hair. This is how and why the hair industry is offering virgin hair and calling it different names. They can manipulate the textures to look pretty much like any texture desired. However, this hair does not last very long. If you are want to use your hair for multiple installations than you should purchase pure virgin Indian Remy hair.


With so many hair choices on the market today. How can I choose what is right for me.


I have done extensive research and have installed just about every type of the various types of hair and hair textures now available in the marketplace. This includes, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Cambodian, Russian and Indian hair. Through my research and talking with various vendors as well as installing and even wearing various textures myself, I have learned that while the various textures of hair are in fact virgin and Remy, they originate from the lower quality of hair chosen from the original source which is the donated hair from India. This hair is conditioned well to give it a lustrous shine but it is of lower quality. This is why it can be sold so cheap. It simply does not last.

When I was narrowing down my suppliers of quality hair I was even offered the lower graded hair for a lessor price which would in turn create a wider profit margin for me. However, in good conscience, I could not sell hair that I did not believe in and would not wear myself. When I started asking my vendor, if the, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Cambodian, and even “so called” Indian Remy hair is the same as the pure virgin Indian hair, then why the different price point. This was the magic answer I had been waiting to hear. While that hair is virgin and Remy, it is pulled from a lower quality and then steam permed to make the lower quality hair lush and shiny so that it will look like the highest quality single donor hair. This hair can then be sold at a lower price and therefore be offered to the consumer for far less than the single donor hair which is in demand and in limited supply. Whew. I know I said a lot so allow me to break this down to a single sentence. BRAZILIAN, MALAYSIAN, PERUVIAN, COMBODIAN, AND EVEN some INDIAN REMY HAIR IS GOOD BUT NOT THE BEST. In some cases, you may better off purchasing processed hair from the beauty supply store.

Another question I had while choosing a source for my hair line was why sell this substandard hair not just the good stuff like back in the day. The answer was not surprising. The hair market took a hit when the pure virgin Indian hair hit the market. Why, because the repeat buy was not happening at a rate that they would like. Think about it, if you get your extensions done every 6 to 8 weeks and are buying hair every time. If not 3 bundles, with this hair you will be either buying new hair or adding a bundle for thickness.

Q: Why should I pay so much for your hair?
A: Hair Candy Salon only provides the purest quality of virgin Indian hair available in the industry. There is a difference. Try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


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